Receiving On The Back Foot

Youth Session Plan – Receiving  On The Back Foot

Objective: To encourage players to receive the ball on the foot furthest away from pressure

Back Foot  In a grid wider than it is long to suit the ability of the players set up as per the diagram below. The players at the North and South point of the diamond pass the ball at the same time to the players on their right. The players at East and West receive the ball on the back foot and having checked that the player on their right is ready they pass the ball to them. Players should follow their passes and move to the next cone.


Playing to a target  – Split the players into groups with a ball each and ask each team to move the ball from one target area to the opposite target area (playing unopposed) but they should try to receive every pass on the “back foot”. Players should be moving into the target area to receive passes rather than having someone permanently in the target area.


Five v Three – Using the same set up as the previous game the game no becomes directional. Split the group up into two teams one with an overload.


The target players are restricted to their areas. Each team attempts to get the ball to their target player. The ball must be controlled inside the target area for it to count as a goal. When a team gets the ball to their target player the target player plays the ball out to the opposing team with a free pass. Rotate the players so that they all get to experience the overload. Make sure the grid is wide enough to encourage players to create space. If players spread out and take the ball on their back foot they should be able to play forward quickly and get plenty success. If you have extra players use them as support players on the sidelines.

Normal Game: Play a normal game with a focus on the skills learnt in the session, giving particular praise to players receiving the ball on the back foot.


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