Movement to Support the Player with the Ball

Youth Session Plan – Movement to Support the Player with the Ball

The Set Up: Magic Rectangle – The overall pitch size is 50×30 with the central third being 20 yards long.

Warm Up: Warming up with a ball is important for young players, one way we can achieve this is using passing routines.Here are two ideas for you:

In the diagram on the left three players stand between two cones on the edge of the rectangle, a player passes the ball to a team mate and then moves the to the gap between two cones that no one is standing between, thus recreating movement into space.and passing triangles. The diagram on the right is a simple pass and move exercise for four players. Each player stands on the outer edge of the rectangle, when passing the ball they follow their pass to their team mates line.

Passing Under Pressure – The session would then be progressed by running the same exercises as the warm up but by adding a player to the centre of each rectangle who applies wither limited pressure or full pressure – dependant upon the age and ability of each group. Otherwise known as the Rondo. Play either 3v1 or 4v1 etc and dont forget to roate the player in the middle.

Before moving onto the next part of the session move the four central cones to a make a 20×20 playing area.

Mourinho Drill 21 – Players pay either 3v3 or 4v4 in the 20×20 playing are with 2 unopposed neutral fullbacks in the outside channels. Teams can only score by playing the ball into someone who gets the ball under control in the end zone. Players cannot dribble into the end zone themselves, or arrive before the ball is passed to them.


Progress the drill above by  giving each team a different objective, the White team are looking to get the ball forward to the Striker for a shot at goal. The centre back, right back, left back and striker for the White team play unopposed outside the central area. The Blue team play 4v2 or 5v2 (depending on the number of players you have) their objective is the same as the previous game, to get the ball into the zone the White teams Centre back occupies, by playing the ball into someone who gets the ball under control


Take the opportunity to switch the objectives around so each team gets to play both roles and switch player roles around too.

Normal Game: Play a normal game with a focus on the skills learnt in the session, giving particular praise to players moving to support the player in possession.


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