Scoring Goals

Youth Session Plan – Scoring Goals

Objective: To encourage players to take shooting chances.

Shooting Gallery  More often than not most of the players will grab a ball when they get to training and either start shooting at a keeper and blasting the ball at each other over varying distances. So I thought I would start this session off by giving them what they want. In this drill the players get a lot of time on the ball to perfect their technique. when shooting get the players to look at the target on the run up and put accuracy before power.


The players at either end of the shooting lane take turns at shooting, making sure they give the keeper time to turn, Keep at least a 2 yard gap between goals and don’t let players get too close when taking shots. You can make it easier by not using a keeper. You can make it harder by having someone serve the ball to the shot taker. 

Racing through on Goal – The central player passes through one of the gates for the striker to run, control and then shoot into the corner of the goal (across the goalkeeper). The practice works to the right and then left, by ensuring players rotate starting positions they get to work on shooting with both feet


To make it easier use a cone instead of a goalkeeper and to make it harder introduce a defender to chase the striker.

Chelsea Game –  Playing 4v4 or 5v5 in one half of the pitch. one team are trying to combine quickly to score a goal. The other team are trying to play a through ball in order to get a player running through on goal to score against the goalkeeper. Don’t forget to swap over the teams objectives.


Normal Game: Play a normal game with a focus on the skills learnt in the session, giving particular praise to players taking opportunities to score.


The Real Madrid Game – Variation

Real Madrid Game – Variation

This game has both the elements that I loved about football as a kid, hitting the ball against a wall or fence to try and control it and scoring goals.


This game has the benefits of increasing the pitch size when used indoors or in a caged area encouraging players to use the extra space effectively.

Just like the Real Madrid game the team in possession have to get into the other half and score in the goal that is backed onto their goal. Each team must have at least one player in each half at all times. But before they can shoot at the goal they have to hit the ball off the back fence, wall or bench in the half they are attacking. Whenever the ball goes back into their defensive half of the pitch the have to hit the back again before they can score.

This game forces players to switch play quickly and tests their reaction to unpredictable bounces off the wall or fence and it encourages players to take shooting opportunties. It can take the players a little time to figure out the strategy.

If you only have one goalkeeper use a couple of cones as goals so the keeper to change the way he faces dependent on which team is attacking.