Changes of Direction in 1v1 Situations

Youth Session Plans – Changes of Direction in 1v1 Situations

Objective: Focus on being able to change direction in 1v1 situations both with and without the ball.

Ball Work – As players arrive they are asked to get a ball, find some space on the pitch and individually practise their dribbling and juggling skills – Fifa street style. Then players where asked to demonstrate for the rest of the team any new skills they had taught themselves.

1v1 to Two Goals: Split your players into two groups, defenders and attackers. The defending group will each start with a ball.


The defender passes the ball accurately across the area to the attacker and runs forward to defend. The attacker must attempt to get past the defender in order to score in one of the target goals, by using trick feints or speed to beat them. Rotate the players the by getting them to go to the opposite line after each attempt.

Lose Your Marker – Split players into four groups. One group will be the attacking player, one group the defending player and two groups will be the passers (each one of these should have a ball. Goalkeepers are optional).


An attacker and a defender stand opposite each other, 3 yards apart, the defender has their back to goal. The attacking player has to make a run to lose their marker in order to get a first time shot at goal.They can get the defender off balance by moving left or right behind the cones. The defending player cannot move until the attacker makes their run between the two cones. The attacker has to call the name of the player they want to receive a pass from as the make their run and  we are looking for a first time shot on goal.. Rotate the players through the positions regularly as this game can be get quite tiring.

Multiball Game: Pick two teams, one attacking and one defending and place a quantity of balls in the middle of the pitch. You will need more than the number of players in the attacking team


The defending team defend the goals but are not allowed to act as keepers or permanently stand in the goals. The attacking team continuously  take a ball from the middle and attempt to beat defenders or take advantage of space to score goals, until all the balls have gone. If an attacking player misses a shot they have to collect their ball and return it to the middle. Once all the balls have been used the teams change roles. The team which scores with all the balls in the quickest times wins.

Normal Game: Focus on the skills learnt in the session, giving particular praise to players taking players on opponents.