I have been given the topic of Dribbling for my final level 2 assessment and I would be interested to hear your feedback on the session I have been planning. Pitch size is 40yds long x 30yds wide.

Key Factors:

  • Keep the ball close
  • Dribble with your head up
  • Speed/Change of pace
  • Change of direction
  • Feints
  • Positive attitude

Technical: (Time approx 7 minutes)

Level 2 Dribbling Technical

Group of players with a ball dribble to their partners. When they reach their partner they perform a “take” and the partner dribbles to the opposite line and back, keeping the ball close to their feet and their head up.  Progress the session by asking the players to add a change of pace when they get half way across the area (yellow cones). Then introduce feints and change of direction moves to the players, like Stepovers or Matthews

Skill: (Time approx 7 mins)

Level 2 Dribbling Skill
Level 2 Dribbling Skill

Playing in the same area as the technical session and still in their pairs one player attacks one player defends. The attacker then has dribble and the defender and beat them with a skill. If the attacker beats the defender they keep the ball and start again. If the defender gets the ball then they become the attacker.

Small Sided Game: (Time approx 15 mins)

Level 2 Dribbling Small Sided Game
Level 2 Dribbling Small Sided Game

Play 4v4 + Gks  in a 40×30 grid. The players should be encouraged to dribble with realism to produce an end product. Either a shot at goal, pass or cross.

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NB: This session was revised on 08/11/14 following the feedback I received.


One thought on “Dribbling

  1. Looks good. But what I would do for the technical part is push the attackers (white players) back to the end of the area, and get the defenders to dribble right up to them and allow them to perform a ‘take’ (from level 1) and then dribble down, turn and dribble back and so on.

    That way you can get your first two key factors in. And then as a simple progression you can add a cone in the middle and ask them to drive forward when they reach the cone, and perform a take and turns as before. This will allow you to get your next key factor in (change of pace). And then bring the attackers in line with the cones and do what you first planned, which will allow you to get your last three key factors in. Plus that will add a few more minutes to the practice 🙂


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